Stephanie Robinson

stephanie RobinsonAbout this Mom...

Stephanie is the fantastic mother of Theo, Rife and Cheyenne. She is actively engaged in Pack 3167 in Perrysburg as a Committee Chair and brings a remarkable eagerness to the team. At the beginning of her son’s first year in cub scouts, she was widowed with the unexpected and tragic death of her husband. She became quickly involved with the Pack and took over as Pack Committee Chair her second year. She has dramatically improved the Pack and encouraged more adult participation. She helps out with many of the Scouting activities and also suppports a Den and her daughter's Pack.

What's It Like to Be a Scout Mom?

"Being a scout mom is very fulfilling. I love knowing that I am working with the committee to put on a successful program for the pack. I am happy knowing that all the time I spend volunteering is helping the scouts learn all the great skills BSA has to offer."

What do you like most about being a Scout Mom?

"I love being able to participate in the experiences with my children and help them learn. My children love that I am a leader and actively involved in the program with them."

How has Scouting changed your relationship with your Scout?

"You only have so much time with your kids before they grow up and move out. Scouting is a great way for me to spend time with my kids and bond with them more. We are making memories that will last a lifetime."

What would you tell a mom asking for your advice about becoming a Scout Mom?

"Do not be afraid to jump in and volunteer. Even if you can only offer a little time to help, there is always someway you can help the committee. BSA offers a lot of training and other volunteers are always available to answer your questions."