Kiersten Robinson

Kiersten RobinsonAbout this Mom...

Kiersten has been involved with Scouting in Ottawa Hills for at least 13 years.  She has graciously given of her time to take on tasks, predominantly for Pack 27, including Den Leader, where she has had four boys participate. She has also been active in her boys' Boy Scouting careers as well, including personally participating in a Philmont Trek last year.  She encourages her boys to attend Troop meetings and they are at most of them despite also being very active in sports and other extracurricular activities.

What's It Like to Be a Scout Mom?

"Adventurous! There is always an outdoor activity to participate in. It is fun to learn about people, places, skills, and jobs."

What do you like most about being a Scout Mom?

"I love trying new things with my boys and challenging myself. We have made so many memories together by attending Scout camps and activities."

How has Scouting changed your relationship with your son?

"It has been great to see my sons build confidence in themselves and to watch their outdoor skills develop. Through Scouting activities we have created lifelong memories that we will pass on to future generations."

What would you tell a mom asking for your advice about becoming a Scout Mom?

"Go for it! Don't be afraid to jump in with both feet and get dirty! Boys have so much fun in Scouting, moms can too!"