Erin Sifuentes

Erin Sifuentes
About this Mom...

Erin is one of the first people to volunteer at our parish and school for events and projects. She started and organized the first ever mother/son event at our son's school. She organizes mom activities for all the moms in our son's grade. 

She calls and schedules most of our Den's outings. She handled arranging to pick up our Light Of Christ awards. Our pack did an Amazing Scout Race at Camp Miakonda, without her help and support it would have taken 5 times as long to put together.It is amazing that she has been able to jump right in with Scouting, considering she was never exposed to it growing up.

What's It Like to Be a Scout Mom?

"I love being a scout mom! Watching, not only my son, but his friends growing up and becoming self sufficient is amazing.

What do you like most about being a Scout mom?

"I love seeing my son grow up before my very eyes. He has gone from an unsure Tiger to a confident Bear. The principals and lessons he's learning are ones that he will carry with him long after Scouts."

How has Scouting changed your relationship with your son?

"I've seen my son grow up before my very eyes. Gone are the days where I am doing every single thing for him. Instead he has grown into a polite, generous and helpful young man. I can thank Scouts for that."

What would you tell a mom asking for your advice about becoming a Scout mom?

"Do it. Becoming a Scout Mom means you are becoming a part of a community that will help your son learn skills that last long after they have left Scouting."