Karen Swartz-Dowling

Karen Swartz Dowling
About this Mom...

"Karen Swartz-Dowling is an incredible Scout Mom. She is dedicated to the mission of the Boy Scouts and ensuring that not only does her son succeed, learn and grow, but also that the entire pack does. She is warm and welcoming and always willing to help.   She is easily accessible to all members and parents of the pack and has been learning the council member role to help expand and improve upon the pack.  Karen stepped up in a time of need and has helped with multiple things, including assisting during pack meetings with attendance, dues, derby, etc. She has been a part of planning for blue and gold, co-popcorn chair and now our council member."

What's It Like to Be a Scout Mom?

"I enjoy being a scout mom because I am always learning something new about scouting. I enjoy that my son and I are participating in an activity together."

What do you like most about being a Scout mom?

"What I like most about being a scout mom is that I am participating in my son's development."

How has Scouting changed your relationship with your son?

"My son and I have always been close but now I hope he sees first hand what volunteering means. I want him to learn that if you believe in something or want to see something improved, you need to volunteer."

What would you tell a mom asking for your advice about becoming a Scout mom?

"I would tell another scout mom and/or dad to get as involved as you can. Scouting is definitely something that the more you put in -- the more you get back."