Danielle Wagner

wagnerAbout this Mom...

Here's how Danielle's nominator describes her: "Danielle is a Cubmaster that started before her son was involved. She stressed training, and took a pack that was losing everything and has developed it into one of the strongest and still growing. She also does scrapbooking and helps her son with homework and school.  While doing this -- she is continually doing things to put the pack in the community. They now march in all parades again, do scouting for food. Doing things everywhere in the community, parks and other places. She's amazing!"

What's It Like to Be a Scout Mom?

"It is an experience like no other, fun, rewarding, and empowering.."

What do you like most about being a Scout Mom?

"The special events, such as Mom & Me camping. Our favorite are the sporting events, like the UT Basketball games, and Mud Hens Scouting games."

How has Scouting changed your relationship with your son?

"It has given me the chance to watch him grow and learn how to become independent and have self confidence."

What would you tell a mom asking for your advice about becoming a Scout Mom?

"I tell every Mom to try it! While being a Scout Mom is not for every Mom, Every Mom should try it. It's an experience that is worth having."