Andrea Wells

Andrea WellsAbout this Mom...

Andrea Wells is my wonderful wife of 29 years, the Scout Mom of our son and Eagle Scout Adam Wells.  She has been the vital glue in this family that keeps everything running smoothly, on time and where they need to be.  Her scrapbooks are museum quality.  She has been a part of my son's Scouting career from Tiger Cub through the journey to Eagle.

What's it like to Be a Scout Mom?

"Prior to my son bringing home that flyer about a Cub Scout Sign-up Night back in the Fall of 2003, I had already been a Girl Scout Leader for three years.  I was enjoying my time in Girl Scouts, so there was no question that we would sign Adam up to be in Cub Scouts.  As we continued “our” trail in Scouting, not only did he make life friends, I did too.  As my life revolved around my children and what they were involved in, it was important and encouraging to me to see that the people that were being role models in my children’s lives had a passion for Scouting.  People that I could trust, that had morals, that let kids be kids, learn at their own pace, experience what they wanted and fall down and get back up.  Cub Scouts was a great experience that taught a little of this and that and gave Adam the drive to continue on to Boy Scouts.  We had fun, and I got to see this little boy experience things that he liked and didn’t like and started to become a leader."

What do you like most about being a Scout Mom?

"The pinnacle of my Scout Mom trail, of course, was sitting at Adam’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  We had made it!  We reached the top!  I say “we” referring to Adam, my husband Anthony and me.  Most Eagle Scouts don’t become Eagles without a mother nagging him about paperwork, phone calls and thank you cards, and my son was no different.  Adam didn’t do it by himself.  He did it with his dad’s support, my support and all those people he “we” met along the trail.  Proud doesn’t seem like a big enough or meaningful enough word on how I felt that day.  He had just achieved what few boys achieve, the first in my family and the first in my husband’s family.  I was now an Eagle Scout Mom."

How has Scouting changed your relationship with your son?

"As a Scout Mom, I was watching my son become a leader in scouts and in school.  Scouts was teaching him life lessons, survival skills and getting experiences that would not have been available to him without this organization.  He was growing up and becoming a young man with opinions, goals and a bright future.  Learning what he liked and didn’t like, learning to deal with people he liked and didn’t like, learning to set goals and how to communicate. I truly believe that scouting has played a part in Adam becoming the confident young man he is today because of all of the experiences he has had in Scouting."

What would you tell a mom asking for your advice about becoming a Scout Mom?

"I was not a Mom that dropped off and came back in an hour to pickup.  If I expected my son to attend and be involved, I was there to support, watch, encourage and cheer him on in every way.  I wanted him to know what he was involved in was important to me too."