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The Erie Shores Council Tribute to Amazing Scout Moms.

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Are you looking for ways to strengthen your son's values and develop his sense of adventure? 

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2020 Erie Shores Council Scout Moms

  • Stephanie has volunteered for the last few years as a Pack Treasurer. She attends each of committee meeting and is always willing to take on additional assignments to help the Pack operate smoothly. Stephanie not only gets her Scouts to meetings but she is there to help run them and offer support to our other Scouting families.
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  • Monyca volunteers countless hours with the Parents Association and Booster Club at St. Joseph of Maumee. She is involved in a book club in Monclova as well as training with several local ladies for triathlons.
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Scout Moms Make The Difference

Few of the boys who make it to the Eagle Scout rank do so without a mom in their lives. 

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Living the Life of a Scout Mom

Being a Scout Mom is really no different from any other Mom except Scout Moms know how to have fun with their sons!

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We Love our Scout Moms!

No doubt about it - we love our Moms!  They help guide us from Bear Cubs to Eagles.  Moms are Scouts too!

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