2016 Scout Moms

From January to May, the Erie Shores Council Scouting community turns their attention to the nomination of Scout Moms. Interest and anticipation builds leading up to the Mother's Day weekend, when nominations are tablulated and we learn the names of the amazing mothers who will receive the honor of being a Scout Mom.

The Erie Shores Council is proud to announce our list of 2016 Scout Moms.  Congratulations and thank you for all you do for Scouting!

2016 Erie Shores Council Scout Moms

Amber Saurbeck
Amy Adelle-Peterson
Amy Richardson
Amy Schulte
Andrea Wells
Angela Auxter
Anna Robinson
Barbara Pocock
Becky Walter
Brianne LaFountaine
Candace Boyce
Crissy Collins
Ellen Aring
Ginger Caris
Jeanne Friedel
Jeannine Van de Larr
Jen Stiles
Jennifer Faguett
Julie A. Kristenak
Katrina Friedberg
Kelly Deisher
Kiersten Robinson
Korrin Steinhurst
Kristal Helfman
Kristi Buchanan
Laura McPike
Lisa Musch
Marie Grundy
Mary Brossia
Melinda Cory
Melissa K. Webb
Sara Sulewski
Sarah Metzger
Sharon Lewis
Sherry Smith
Susan White
Susanne Nonekowski
Susanne Nonekowski
Taia Sutherland
Tammy Kissell
Tammy Trout
Tina Solly
Tracy Thiel

Once again, congratulations to all of these amazing moms!  And thank you all for your nominations - we'll open up nominations for 2017 in January.